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Improve your life with these therapies

If you want more information about how any of these treatments can improve your condition, please schedule a call or consultation.

Drug and Syringe


Exosome treatment takes exosome vesicles from mesenchymal stem cells and uses them to help you repair tissue by improving cellular communication and thereby stimulating healing. It is useful for anyone with sports injuries (acute or chronic), COVID symptoms, autoimmune conditions, neurological conditions, inflammation, degeneration, or hair loss.

How much of it that’s needed depends on the treatment type; these include IV therapy, and treatment for joints or aesthetics.

The benefits of exosome treatment are as follows: increased energy and stamina, increased muscle strength and toning, faster recovery from sports injuries or accidents, improvement in skin tone, improvement in neuropathy, faster recovery from COVID, quick healing, relief of joint pain, prevention of joint/disc degeneration, improvement of partial ligament/muscle tears, help with arthritis, and help with hair loss.


This alternative medicine uses injections and natural ingredients to stimulate an inflammatory response which initiates the healing process by engaging the cells found in the damaged areas through repair and regeneration.


By using local anesthesia and nutrients, this treatment can be used for any kind of pain or acute injuries. It is recommended for people with sports injuries, arthritis, ligament laxity, degeneration, and joint pain. The treatment helps with faster recovery and healing from injuries.



Similar to prolotherapy, it is injected locally into the area of concern and has been shown to optimize the healing environment, stimulate blood vessel growth, and increase tissue regeneration and repair.

PRF allows cells to migrate, attach, and proliferate in the intended area. PRF growth factors allow for normal tissue remodeling. Compared to PRP, PRF is 10x richer in platelets and has been found to be richer in mesenchymal stem cells, too. Both are used to accelerate the healing process.

PRP/PRF Treatment is ideal for anyone with acute or chronic sports injuries, arthritis, ligament laxity, degeneration, joint pain, hair loss, and vaginal and penile rejuvenation. PRP can be nebulized to help with certain lung issues. The primary benefits are tissue repair, cellular regeneration, hair regrowth, and improvement of facial skin appearance.


This therapy binds to receptors of cells which then triggers a cellular response leading to pain relief, injury recovery, increased energy, improved neurological function, improved healing, weight loss, muscle growth, improved sexual health, hair restoration, and overall well-being. Peptides can be used with other regenerative therapies during treatments or between treatments.


It is recommended for everyone as there is a peptide to treat everything, including neurology issues, pain, hormones, and more.

Botox Injections


This treatment helps you tighten and lift your skin. Recommended if you have fine lines/wrinkles, mild drooping face, and hair loss.


Uses a combination of PRP/PRF, microneedling, peptides, ozone, and PDO threads to help regrow hair.


Creating microchannels in the scalp allows follicles to regrow. PRP/PRF injections stimulate the production of collagen and hair regrowth. The treatment includes.

  1. Facial with Microneedling

  2. Hyaluronic Acid

  3. PRP/PRF

It’s Recommended for those with acne scars, large pores, uneven skin appearance, fine lines and wrinkles.

Image by Mufid Majnun


This involves medical-grade ozone created through the passing of oxygen into a converter. Ozone can be used to improve various health conditions, including Illnesses from pathogens, gut issues, skin problems, joint health, and hair regrowth.



We also provide injections that treat hormone imbalances and help you live your best life. For men, hormone imbalance is reflected in lower libido and decreased body mass. For women, it is reflected in fatigue, menopausal hot flashes, perimenopause, heavy cycles, and increased libido. Thanks to our state-of-the-art treatment, all of these symptoms will be a thing of the past.


Also known as mesotherapy, is an injectable treatment that helps with the reduction of localized fat.

After the solution is injected, the fat cells are absorbed, and the area hardens. Over the next few weeks, the body breaks down these fat cells and disposes of them.


An evaluation of the affected area is necessary for treatment.

Neck and Chin
Doctor's Appointment


We also offer home visits from our team of experienced doctors, during which we would review past and current personal, social, family, and medical history, as well as examine body systems, do physical exams, review all aspects of your lifestyle, and provide a treatment plan. Afterward, we will explain what the next steps are, including when to do lab tests or imaging are needed and when to schedule a follow-up visit.


Please take note that before we can commence any form of treatment, it is necessary to notify us of any history of cancer, smoking, or alcohol abuse.


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